Here is an article that appeared in the May 8, 2010 edition of the Burnett County Sentinel newspaper out of Grantsburg, WI. Thank you, Todd, for a great article.
Maintaining your home away from home
•Cabin care a good fit for second home owners.
By TODD BECKMANN, Sentinel News Editor

GRANTSBURG—Their slogan, ‘Helping you take back your weekend,’ really says it all for Kevin Larsen and Dave Kelly, proprietors of Sunrise Cabin Care.

“Our perfect customer is the person who owns a cabin, it’s a 2nd home for them, they may live in the Twin Cities and when they come up here, they just want to enjoy their property,” Larsen explained. “They don’t want to open the cabin in the spring, close it up in the fall, put in the dock or mow the yard.”

“That’s the most laborious part of being a homeowner,” Kelly added.

Larsen said the business started as Sunrise Outdoor Services, and the cabin care evolved over the past year.

Sunrise Cabin Care provides a full line of maintenance services, from full lawn service and beach clean-up to power washing and dock and boat lift removal and installation. In addition to the work they will do, there is a full list of services, available on their website:, that the men can have arranged.

And talk about the right guys for the job.

“We take an ownership mentality into a job — what we’d like to see done if it were our property,” Larsen noted. “We strive to do everything with excellence.”

Kelly agreed.

“We’re not done until the customer says we are,” he added. “We offer 100 percent satisfaction — you don’t see that a lot anymore.”

Not just the mind-set, but the men bring a wealth of experience to each task.

“I’ve been doing lawn care for 14 years, mostly in the Twin Cities,” Larsen said. “I started local in 2007.” Kelly came on board in 2009.

“I’ve owned three other businesses,” Kelly said. “My side of the business is very mechanical. I was a master mechanic for 23 years, I’ve done welding, small engine repair, maintenance engineer work and customer service.”

“Between Kevin and I, we pretty much have everything covered, both from the schooling side and the practical experience side,” he added.

The men envision cabin care as a multi-million dollar business.

“We’re not looking to take away work from anyone,” Kelly explained. “Just the opposite in fact — we are hoping to create jobs.”

While Larsen has been a Grantsburg-area resident for more than 10 years, Kelly, who lives in a Twin Cities suburb, is looking to buy a lakefront home.

“My dad has a cabin in the Danbury area, so I’ve been coming up here since I was 13,” Kelly explained.

For now, he continues to commute.

“As things get busier, I’m spending more nights here,” Kelly admitted.

The two, who have known each other for more than 30 years, grew up together in south Minneapolis and first met in the first grade.