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“Our family has enjoyed the Wicklund Cabin on Big Trade Lake since 1967. We call it “The Cabin on Sunrise Point” For the past 3 years Kevin Larsen has taken care of our place. What a great experience!! We have lots of opening and closing details like docks and boats and irrigation systems and Kevin takes care of everything. He is the best thing that happened to our family and we couldn’t have a cabin without him.” Paul Wicklund

“This is a brilliant idea! While owning a cabin can be a joy, the maintenance can reduce the sense of freedom you want from it. Kevin Larsen is a great guy who works hard and really cares about what you care about.” Joan Steffend Brandmeier

“I’ve been looking for some way to calm down and relieve some of the stress in my life. What better way than Sunrise Cabin Care maintaining my home away from home? My experience with Kevin has been nothing short of excellence at its best. Everything that they say they do, they do. Extremely satisfied!” Dave

“Your lawn service is simply outstanding.  Our lawn has never looked so nice.  You always take the time to pay attention to the small things, like carefully trimming around the lawn ornaments and the gardens. We appreciate the extra things that make the difference between a “good” job and an “excellent” job.”  Sally

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